"With every dollar we spend, we vote on the kind of world we want to live in and also the kind of world we want our children to inherit"  

Our philosophy

Conscious Earth recognises our Earth as a living, conscious being and our individual role as custodians of this sacred planet. It is our responsibility as caretakers to ensure future generations inherit an Earth preserved of all its natural beauty and wonder.

Our story

Conscious Earth was born out of a desire to be in service to the earth and educate on the importance of making ethical, sustainable product choices. After many years working in natural health and wellness we started to notice a growing number of brands claiming to be natural, ethical and environmentally-friendly yet they were using palm oil, synthetic ingredients, preservatives and harmful excipients in their products.

We wanted to use our many years of experience in natural health and wellness to support and promote the brands who refused to compromise. The brands that were still making ethically conscious, sustainable choices despite the pressures to compete with clever marketing campaigns masquerading essentially “greenwashed” products as conscious choices.

We research and carefully select brands who have considered the environmental and social impact of producing their products. We look for innovative brands who source fair-trade, organic ingredients and use sustainable packaging and ingredients. We love supporting social enterprises who give back to their communities and to the earth.

Conscious Earth works on a sustainable model that involves educating our stockists. We provide them with training, marketing and promotional support so they can then educate their customers on the importance of making ethically-conscious, sustainable product choices.

We are proud to present our conscious brand collection.